The Real Day 3

Just a wild, crazy kind of day! 3 different carloads of friends dropped by. ‘Tis a rather jarring experience for an introvert like me. The self-isolation during the pandemic this past winter suited me just fine. I love zoning out in colors and shapes. In my few spare moments today I kept plugging away on this painting. Oh yes, and then there were blackberries, tomatoes and green beans to pick. And constant interruptions by 3 cats, demanding their treats. It was one of our nicest summer days (sunny, relatively cool, how humidity). I wanted to jump into the truck and go out plein air painting, but I kept nose-to-the-grindstone.

So this is Day 3 (above). Day 1 was so hideous I couldn’t post it. But here goes. I just mushed in the blobs:

Maybe I can finish this tomorrow. Purple gladiolas are coming up in my veggie garden and they won’t wait. But gee — the goldenrod fields are calling me. Ah, summer! And what am I ever going to do with all those beans?

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