In the Shade

“In the Shade” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyos

Close to 90 degrees. Too hot for me! I found a nice, cool spot under a giant maple tree this morning. Today was our painting group’s annual “paint and potluck” gathering, just south of Charlevoix. After sheltering in place for the past year and a half, it was really wonderful to reconnect with old friends again. I’d forgotten what a great group of people they are. A fun time was had by all — and the food was great!

I’d been meaning to really try to get a good feeling of grass. Greens are tricky to mix! Some people make the mistake of mixing white paint in, but that turns out looking very chalky. I’ve found that adding some of the Vasari “grays” work well when mixing greens: colors like bluff and shiprock; sometimes even a dab of bice. I’m pretty happy with this one today. Peaceful-looking as this scene looked, in the background there was a major road construction project going on, with roaring trucks lumbering by the whole time. And a most-wicked mosquito kept buzzing my face.

Here’s my spot:

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