Day 3: Owls, Buzzards, Fawn, Swing

Day 3: Lotsa owls!

Nothing was on my calendar for today, but it turned out to be one of those busy-crazy days. While running an errand this morning, I found a freshly-hit fawn in the road. Of course I had to toss it into the truck! Why waste a good roadkill? I got home and laid it out in the field and set up the trailcam. Already the buzzards have found it. I’m hoping for maybe a coyote or bobcat tonight.

My setup.

Then it was time to wash the truck bed before the blood dried. Very aromatic. And it was good that I didn’t dilly-dally. I had to run down the road to pick up one of those old-style “grandma” swings. And here it is, set up by the studio building with Bigfoot in back:

I finally got back to painting after 1 PM and focused on painting in the owls. Never a dull moment around here!

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