Ice Cream Buddha

“Ice Cream Buddha” — oil on canvas 30 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

Had a nice surprise yesterday. This piece won “Best of Show” in the “Food is Art/Art is Food” show at the Glen Arbor Art Center. Painted during a summer heat wave, when I just wanted to escape into a cool studio, forgetting about mowing the lawn or weeding my flower beds. Watering. Ugh! Of course I had to choose just the right Buddha from my “extensive collection”. And I was drawn to the clashing, garish fabrics because I guess it’s the next best thing to being on some kind of psychedelic trip. Kind of an uneasiness there, like what’s going on? Am I safe? But the the smiling, laughing Buddha is a comfort. With strawberry ice cream dribbling down his arm, running onto his robe, he doesn’t give a hoot! Nor should you. Just enjoy life, he seems to say.

The monkeys are one of the fabulous finds from Dead People’s Stuff over in Northport. They’re like crazy friends, wanting to grab you and play. Or grab your ice cream cone and run off with it!

The purple gladioli made me gasp when I saw them in the grocery store. Actually, if I see anything that makes me gasp — or giggle — I know I should paint it. Things need to have a “wow factor” for me. Or they’re not worth painting. That’s true, even when doing a landscape.

Dishes of ice cream sundaes were totally made-up. I’m forever on a diet and ice cream is verboten. Unless, of course, World War III has started. Then ice cream and Almond Joy bars are OK.

Down in the right corner is little Bernie Sanders, my Siamese cat. I’ve got 3 cats and there is usually at least one of them in the studio with me, keeping an eye on things. And waiting for a handful of Blissful Catnip cat treats.

“Food is Art/Art is Food” runs from May 28 through August 19th at the Glen Arbor Arts Center — 6031 S. Lake Street, Glen Arbor, MI 49636.

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