A Paint-Out Kinda Day

Trying to be enthusiastic when painting in the rain….and bugs!

Yes, that’s Mango, my new, little truck. I always knew someday it’ll end up in a painting. Yesterday was one of the many “plein air paintout” days around here. Of course it had to rain! I set up in the doorway of the garage to whip this one out.

My friend Melanie had come to join me (misery loves company) and I did a quickie of her while she was painting out in the orchard. I thought she was brave to set up with the likely chance of being rained out. When I get together with Melanie, we both get to laughing and being ridiculously silly. Doesn’t everybody need a friend like that? Here I am, doing my imitation of a well-known political figure. So sue me....

And then it was time for lunch! Painting always makes a person hungry. It’s hard work — all that thinking! Afterwards we ended up at a favorite site: Ogletree Creek. Sounds like a good name for a beer, doesn’t it? An old guy on a horse came by and asked us to please take our shade umbrellas down and hide our trash bags. His horse was terrified of them! I thought that horse was going to kick me as he went past. Ach. I’m sticking to cats!

As you can tell, the silliness went on all day.

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