Cherry Blossoms and View of the Bay

“Cherry Blossoms” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

It was a gorgeous day to join a couple painting buddies and go out painting in the orchards. Orchards in bloom are just the devil to paint! All those dots! And the trees are laid out like rows of soldiers. Still, we plein air painters find them irresistible.

Here I am, huddled in the shade of Lori’s liftgate.
And here are my friends, Lori Feldpausch and Mark Mehaffy, braving the glaring sun.

Painting is hard work. By 10:30 we were all ready for lunch! It was decided that we’d do one more painting before lunch. Next stop: the Ciccone Vineyard, overlooking the Grand Traverse Bay and the Old Mission Peninsula in the distance. I don’t normally paint long views, but it turned out to be kind of fun. All the trees here are beginning to leaf out and the color is surprising. Many tree leaves, especially the maples, have quite bronze-reddish tones, making them look almost like fall colors. It was hard to get the right colors in this photo. I kind of know my way around Photoshop but I’m not a total expert.

“View of Grand Traverse Bay – Early May” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

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