16 Peeled Oranges

“16 Peeled Oranges” — oil on canvas, 10×10″ each by Margie Guyot

OK, OK — I know they’re not hung 100% perfectly, but you get the idea! This was on my list of “things to do” today. I’m entering this bunch into the DeVoss Art Museum’s “North of the 45th” show. I could have entered larger works, but I’m lazy. I didn’t feel up to schlepping painting(s) all the way up to Muskegon. And shipping large works is expensive — and a pain in the patoot! I can throw all these babies into a box and ship UPS. If accepted. It’s always a crapshoot.

I started painting these at the start of the Covid “shelter in place” rule, beginning just about 1 year ago. They kept me fascinated for days. Good thing I like eating oranges…..

Here are a few to enjoy.

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