Almost Done — White Roses

There’s nothing like a good rest when you’re feeling like a truck hit you! That was me, yesterday. I got about 12 hours’ sleep yesterday and woke this morning, raring to go. I’m surprised I got this far — even with occasional interruptions from the cats. Here’s a shot of Picasso, rearranging my flowers so he could get a drink:

The first problem of the day: how to paint white roses. The strong, morning sunlight was hitting the roses, causing dramatic shading. So I tried that. But I didn’t think it looked right. Then I tried a second rose with a simpler design. I thought it looked better. More delicate. So I wiped the first one out and did all the roses with less dramatic shading. Tomorrow morning when I return I might change things a little. Or not. Maybe the fairies will fix everything.

An interesting challenge: painting white roses.

The fabric: a Hawaiian-print wrap skirt from Goodwill!

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  1. Love this floral! The colors are harmonious, the background gives my eyes a chance to roam all over the canvas. Your subject matter and composition is fabulous…another interesting and happy painting. Love your style and flare.

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