9 Mile Point

“End of February – 9 Mile Point” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

After a week or more of temperatures in the teens, 40 degrees was a heat wave! I had to take off my coat to finish painting this. Usually the wind coming off the lake is icy-cold, but yesterday it felt just right. This spot is midway between Charlevoix and Petoskey; just a rustic pull-off. Most years the shoreline is filled with giant ice pyramids, but there haven’t been many this winter. Notice how the snow and ice have piled up in kind of a wave pattern?

My setup. And for once I’d remembered to bring along my cheap-o plastic sled for lugging my gear!

It was quite blissful, standing here in the warm sun, hearing the waves crashing against the shore. There was a steady roar of cars going past on their way between Charlevoix and Petoskey. After I finished painting I lingered a while, enjoying the sights and sounds. Here’s some melting ice:

And here’s my dear cat, Picasso, rolling in ecstasy at my return. He missed me….

Oh, that we ALL could have a good roll in the dirt at day’s end!


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