Snagged Roses – Day 2

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about what you need to do the next day? Happens all the time to me. Last night I woke up, wondering if I’d chosen the best composition for this one. Would it make sense to the viewer? Did the vase show enough so you’d know it was a vase of flowers? I was worried I’d have to trek out to the studio and re-do the composition this morning. Thankfully, I gave it a good look first-thing and saw that yes, the vase was visible. Whew!

Where to start? All I had from yesterday were blobs, indicating where the roses would be and where the orange hibiscus would be. I drew in the vase, then knew I’d better start putting in some leaves. At least leaves are easier than roses! As it was, the leaves were a jumbled mess. I wanted to try to at least get some kind of organization going.

Next came the challenging task of painting roses. Ach — all those petals! All those reds! But it was a wicked-nasty day outside and figuring out rose petals was a far nicer task than being out in the rain/snow mix we had going. I had one of the cats and the classical radio station to keep me company. Life is good!

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