Snagged Some Roses

Kind of crazy. Kind of experimental. And kind of cheap. I found these roses on markdown at the grocery store yesterday, so they probably won’t last too long! Most of the day I was framing and photographing paintings for the gallery and didn’t get freed up to get a start until almost 4 PM. It looks pretty ragged now, but I wanted to at least establish where the roses would be — and where the orange hibiscus would fall. When I was looking for fabric to use, I wanted something bright and zesty. The world needs more bright and zesty these days. And this is another painting inspired by one of my very favorite artists, Kehinde Wiley. I have 2 more days I can hole up in the studio and “nail” these roses. Then it’s off to the gallery in Petoskey, schlepping paintings. Yes, just call me a “schlepper”….

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