Tulips and Ice Pyramids

“Tulips and Ice Pyramids” — oil on canvas 24 x 18″ by Margie Guyot

The tulips were still looking good after the last painting, so I started a second one the other day. I had no idea of what I’d use for the background. Then a plein air painting I did last year caught my eye. Why not use that?

I plopped the plein air on top of the canvas and painted away. That view was painted last winter along Lake Michigan, possibly south of Petoskey. Hard to remember — I do so many winter shoreline paintings. I grew up in Iowa and we didn’t have such amazing things as ice pyramids. And then there’s the cat. Mr. Wonderful parked himself next to me this afternoon:

Put down that brush and give me some Blissful Catnip Cat Treats, Mom!

I also didn’t know what I’d use for a tablecloth, either. Went back into my “inner sanctum” and rooted around to find this vintage tablecloth. I wanted something with a bit of a pattern but nothing too loud and crazy. So that’s how things look for now. Is any painting every TRULY finished?

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