Day 2: Foo Dogs

Day 2 — and I really only had about 1 hour to work on this. Some days are crazy. Full of errands, 80 mile round trips, the vicissitudes of life, as an old boyfriend once said. A good friend gave me a “funny” gummy bear to help with a mild back ache. “Take it before bed”, she said. Oh, what the heck: I popped that sucker as soon as I got home and went out to dig the last of the potatoes. We’d had days and days of rain and I just wanted to get ‘er done. It was the most serene potato-digging I’d ever done! And no back pain, thank you. It was so pleasant, taking pauses, stopping to chat with the birdies who were pecking sunflower seeds nearby. And I did make it into the studio briefly to make a stab on filling in some shadow areas. Another artist friend called to chat and was quite amused at my “serene-ness”. Yes, of course this painting is at the “truly hideous” stage. Yes, yes, I know. Just be patient, dear reader! Relax and know that all will be well. Have a gummy bear……

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