Pumpkins & Shells – Day 1

Day 1 – sketching it in

As I walked past this blanket yesterday morning, I got a spark of inspiration to do a still life with pink flowers. Zipped off to Charlevoixwith high hopes, but alas — it was a waste of time. One grocery store had half-dead pink roses and the other one had half-dead roses in every color but pink. Two or three florists in town but only one was still open at 12:30 (on a Saturday!) and its cooler was nearly empty. Rats!

Then I woke up during the night, thinking it might look good with some of the “pinky-peachy” pumpkins. Went over to King Orchards (on M-88) as soon as they opened this morning. It was cold and pouring rain. But they had tons of cool pumpkins. And I beat the crowds.

As soon as I laid the blanket down Mr. Wonderful decided that would be his spot for the day. I put on Garrison Keillor’s newest book on tape and had a nice afternoon, drawing this in.

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