2020: And then the Martians Landed

“2020: And then the Martians Landed” — oil on canvas 30 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

2020 — whatta year! What next??? With art galleries closing and sales in the toilet, it’s been a very freeing time for artists to experiment and practice their skills. I’ve been playing around with portraits and since I’m always here — and free — I just park myself in front of the mirror and plunk away. I see a few tweaks to do here and there, but this is basically it.

Yes, those are cockleburrs in my hair! Several years ago I got too close to a bunch. It took 2 hours to free myself. The hats are from my collection; most of the clothes are from my closet. That’s Picasso, my #1 favorite cat. Tyrannosaurus Rex is actually a phone that roars. Pterodactyls are from Good Will. Blue bottle tree clothesline is in my yard. Tiny Corona virus droplets float about (lower right).

I had no idea what was going to happen in this painting when I started. OK 2020 — what next???

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