Day 2

Day 2 — gladiolas (detail)

Late August — and we’re all in a wild rush to get things done before the snow flies. I’d meant to get to the studio in the morning, but ended up swinging by the plant nursery in search of more Chandler blueberries. None to be had, sadly, but I did come home with another crabapple and two mock oranges. Then I dug two more wheelbarrow loads of sod. It’s my dream to have a gigantic mullein garden, with every variety that will grow in zone 5.

Feeling almost guilty, I waltzed out to the studio about mid-afternoon. Ah, those tricky gladiolas! One of my painting buddies said he thought glads were hard. No kidding! Sometimes one would rather dig sod for a while, rather than deal with those bizarre shapes and twists.

Relief came when a friend stopped by to take some of my excess cherry tomatoes and piccolino cucumbers off my hands.

Errands to run this morning, but I’m thinking I should draw in as many gladiolas as possible — before they die — and color them in afterwards.

Ah, summer — you’re gone so quickly!

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