Position the Blobs!

Although I’m an early-riser, usually up at 5, I generally don’t start a new painting until much later, like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. There will be a million chores that seemingly need attention first, such as pulling weeds, cleaning the fridge, reorganizing the closet — anything to avoid actually starting. When I saw these screaming-orange-red gladiolas in the grocery store, I almost started whooping and dancing! Yes! I knew I had to do a painting with those bright, happy colors! Maybe it’s a genetic trait. My brother Joe was a bright color lover as well. It was always easy spot him in the airport in his neon-colored shirts, hippie beads and hat.

Composition matters a great deal to me. I learned years ago NOT to draw in details first. First “ya gotta position the blobs”. That’s what I’m doing here. Kind of challenging because I’m looking down at the glads and every time I step away and come back, they’re in a different spot.

OK, I promise: I’ll get an earlier start today. And, as a politician would say, things will be better tomorrow.

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