Trying Not to Disturb the Cat

Day 2 on this one. I was trying to paint in some of the fabric but Mr. Wonderful decided he wanted to hang out on part of it.

I often multi-task, by the way. Today I had a crockpot going with a new recipe from the New York Times: Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Soup with Sweet Potato and Kale. Before settling down in the studio, I realized I was a bit low on the red curry paste. Let me assure you, dear reader, there is no red curry paste to be found anywhere within 16 miles of Eastport, Michigan!

Ah, but I digress. Yes — what did the preceding paragraph have to do with art? Nothing, of course. But it’s my blog and I do as I damned well please.

Here’s what I ended up with (Day 2). I may or may not leave those shadows in near the bottom. We’ll see how it looks in a day or so.

Notice how blindingly bright the sun is? Our weather forecast for the next several days is for rain, so I might end up painting out the shadows.

Mr. Wonderful, keeping an eye on things…..

1 Comment

  1. Me thinks Mr. Wonderful realized the painting was missing a special important presence and decided to add himself. … and I kind of like it!


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