Hold the Oranges, Please

While in town the other day I picked up 2 bags of chocolate chip cookies and a bunch of purple tulips. Ah, I needed those! I sat down today and drew in this still life for two hours before I realized it was all wrong. Wiped the whole thing off and re-drew. Then I did a mad rush to try to paint as much of the tulips as possible. Tomorrow they’ll look different and you can drive yourself nuts to try to paint something “the way it was”.

I wanted bright and crazy colors so I dug out this tapestry I’d haggled for down in Peru back about 1995. One of my friends out in California has taken up weaving and from listening to her, I now realize what a skilled weaver that Peruvian was! I remember paying the vendor (a young boy), turning and running back to the bus with this piece, afraid he’d changed his mind!

Screaming orangey-red and purple. Ah,…. I love it! Crazy colors for crazy times.

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