No End to the Oranges!

What’s my favorite part of the painting process? Drawing it in! Thanks to the tricks I learned from Betty Edwards’ life-changing book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, I’ve learned to really love drawing. No projecting and tracing for me! Anyway – I thought maybe some people might like to see some of the early stages I go through.

The above painting just shows how I start with a line drawing of the shapes and shadows. Lots of wiping out and re-doing, but that’s what’s good about oils. They’re very forgiving. Just sip your paper towel into some turps and erase to your heart’s content.

Here’s where the drawing is done and I’m starting out with the darkest shades. With oils, it’s always dark-to-light.

I’ve got my orange setup on the floor right next to the easel. I just look down at it and paint away.

“Peeled Orange No. 10″ — oil on canvas 10 x 10” by Margie Guyot

Waste not, want not! The day was young yet, so I just grabbed a new canvas and rearranged the orange for a new painting.

Here’s the setup I used. This was one of the “good” oranges. With a cooperative peel. The one I had yesterday was not so “limber”.

“Peeled Orange No. 11″ — oil on canvas 10 x 10” by Margie Guyot

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