Fun with Oranges

“Peeled Orange No. 8″ — oil on canvas 10 x 10” by Margie Guyot
“Peeled Orange No. 9″ — oil on canvas 10 x 10” by Margie Guyot

Yesterday I’d reached the point where I felt kind of discouraged, considering the Covid-19 situation and businesses (galleries!) being closed. Who will see my paintings? Why waste time doing them? Maybe I should clean my house. Wash walls. Hmmmmm. Then this morning a good friend called to say how much she loved my orange painting series. There’s nothing like praise to fire up an artist! Remember that scene in “Enchanted April” where the wife says she doesn’t know what to say to artists? “Oh, praise them, my dear! Praise them and you can’t go wrong!” the husband replied. True!

So I went out and painted a couple more today. Someday they’ll be fighting over these!

1 Comment

  1. I am totally amazed at your oranges and the wonderful patterns they make … but the most amazing thing is they still look like a a real orange lying on top of the canvas – not a 2D painting. FUN!


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