Down by the Creek

A hard day at the office…

I sometimes get a hankering for “things bizarre”. Begone, ye sweet vases of daffodils! Forget the “boats on the water” tourist fare! Yesterday the skies were shockingly blue and it was a toasty-warm 40 degrees. I had to get out. But I didn’t really want to GO anywhere. Decided it was time to make the annual trek-through-the-snow to Guyer Creek. Sounds easy, but just you try hauling art materials through heavy, melting, deep snow with fallen logs waiting to trip you up! I thought of the early polar explorers, struggling to pull their sleds, companions, horses and dogs dead, falling into crevises, starving in the minus-60 degree blizzards as I struggled mightily through the knee-deep drifts in back of my studio.

I know – it’s kind of wild, but I like this painting. Someday they’ll be fighting over it…

“Creek in February” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot


  1. Love it!! And goodness!! I hope you let someone know you are off on such a trek in case you get all tangled in those logs and high snow. (Heck, I let someone know before I go in my attic). I know you are much tougher than I. But if something happened, I’d love to know someone would come looking for you. The painting is great!

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