“Bowl of Pears”

“Bowl of Pears” — oil on birch panel — framed size about 18 x 22″ by Margie Guyot

I wish I had a regular source of these frames! Found this in a junk shop in Traverse City. It had a mirror in it. Pitched the mirror and did the painting on the birch panel what held the mirror in place. Grabbed one of my vintage tablecloths and paired it with a Mexican bowl, plastic pears and some semi-rotten honeycrisp apples. Tonight the apples will be the possums’ dinner, out on the compost pile in the dead of another Michigan winter. Love my dear “children of the night”…..

1 Comment

  1. Both the painting and the frame are beautiful! However, I think the ornate frame takes away from the beauty of the painting. The frame is so intricate that my eyes want to study it instead of the painting.


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