“View of Torch Lake”

My setup for “View of Torch Lake” — Last fall I did a plein air field study, standing along Bennett Hill Road, in between Farrell and Church Roads.

I love Bennett Hill Road! Whenever I get in the mood to go plein air painting, I know if I drive along Bennett Hill Road, I’ll surely find something inspiring to paint. Last fall I stopped at this spot and did a plein air study (8×16″). I’d often looked at this view but never had the desire (or nerve?) to paint it. I think it was the interesting grass patterns in the foreground that got me to stop and take a whack at it. I’d forgotten my sun visor and it was getting to be later in the afternoon. The sun was blinding! I haven’t really attempted doing large landscape works before, but decided to give it a whirl this winter. It’s kind of tricky! You have to put in a lot more “stuff” on a larger canvas. I’d work on this big one for a few hours, then feel frustrated and put it away for a week or so, then pick it up again. I think this is done….

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