Sue & Shirley’s Woodpile

“Sue & Shirley’s Woodpile” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

The snowstorm rages on! I just got home from painting this view of my neighbor’s woodpile. One reason I was drawn to it is because I could park in their yard — out of the way of the county road crew and their monstrous snowplow. It was only about 14 degrees so I cheated a little and painted from inside my truck. No sense suffering needlessly! Every minute or two I had to turn on the windshield wipers. I think of the old Russian painter, Isaac Levitan. He went out and painted in all kinds of weather. One time he had to tie himself to a tree to keep from being blown over. Well, I believe it!

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