Day 5…

Day 5…Accompanied by His Royal Highness, Picasso.

After a morning of planting flowers (oh yes! more!) and a rather large white lilac bush, followed by watering and weeding, I was pretty well tuckered-out. A brief nap was necessary before staggering back out to the studio. What to put in the background? A rocking chair? I had a vague yearning to echo the claw motif. Then I remembered a garage-sale find from about 40 years ago: a chair with claw feet. But the perfect chair weighs half a ton and was across the yard, up two flights of stairs. What does one do without access to big, burly men willing to work for free? I resorted to the next best thing: snapped a photo, printed it out and worked from that. Picasso, one of my models, oversaw proceedings from his throne.

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