Snow! Turkeys! Robins! Oh My!

Day 4…..

No sunshine today. A good, three to four inches of snow has fallen so far. So there were no strong sunlight/shadow patterns for me to work on. But I plugged away on what I could. I’d planned on working a lot longer today, but it was just too crazy outside. Two flocks of very miserable-looking, bedraggled turkeys came through my yard. I snapped a view of them through my studio window. Poor things.

Here’s a close-up of an enterprising hen who’d flown up into the crab apple tree. She gobbled up some of last season’s crop of crab apples before skedaddling off to join her tribe. Isn’t that a sad face?

A partridge in a pear tree…..?

Then there was a robin who kept battering itself against my studio windows, trying to get in. Which excited Picasso, my cat, who jumped up onto my still life setup to watch the excitement. This painting is complicated enough without also having a Bird Apocalypse going on, so I closed up shop a little early today!

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