Purple Tulips on a Peach Sari

“Purple Tulips on a Peach Sari” — oil on canvas 24 x 24″ by Margie Guyot

Last fall I found a beautiful sari at an estate sale. The people told me their uncle brought it over from India back around 1950. So now it’s mine, mine, MINE! I thought it looked pretty with purple tulips.

Yesterday was a complete wash-out. Friday I’d gotten one of those new shingles shots — the new kind that lots of people are having trouble with. I didn’t know anything about that. The shot didn’t hurt, but the next day I began feeling very exhausted and my arm felt like somebody’d stabbed me with a dagger. I gave up and headed to bed about mid-afternoon.

Rest must have done the trick. Today my arm still hurts but I have loads of energy. Vacuumed the floors. Put all kinds of crap away. Hung do-dads and whirligigs up around in the sauna room. Did laundry. Changed Rufus’s outfit from Santa to “car guy” (Rufus is my fake man on the front porch). Even made sushi rolls! Finally I went out to the studio and painted the sari stripes.

Tomorrow: the dentist. Starts work on a crown. Lucky me! Well, it IS Mercury in Retrograde….

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