Another Start…

Day one…

All I’d planned on doing yesterday morning was tidying up the studio. It was only 11 degrees, but the sun was out! After days of gloom and snow, nose-to-the-grindstone painting and housework, I was restless! Had to GO! I jumped into the truck and dashed up to Charlevoix. I needed some new flowers to paint.

The radio was on. What’s that? Another storm tomorrow? Ugh! What to do? I needed groceries but my list was at home. And I looked like a bum in my paint-spattered, plein air coat. Ah well — it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve looked like a bum. I drove up to Petoskey. Wonderful day for a drive. Grand Traverse Bay was completely frozen over far as you could see. Ice pyramids lined the shoreline. Buying roses would be the last thing on my list.

I’m a loyal customer of Petals, a tiny flower shop in Charlevoix. The first time I ever walked in, I spied an antique accordion resting above the cooler. So perfect to use in a painting! I hesitated — would they loan it to me, a complete stranger?  Well, of course they would! Their roses are spectacular and lush. They last a good week. Grocery store roses are sad and half-dead. They poop out in two or three days.

I only got to work on this for about an hour and a half before Picasso, my art supervisor cat, indicated it was time to close up and dish out the grub. Stay tuned!

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