Blizzard with Roses

Picasso on his throne in the studio

I started this one yesterday and the photo was too blurry to post. At least that’s my excuse! My artist friends sometimes joke about how horrid their paintings sometimes look in the beginning. But usually we manage to pull them off in the end. “The first 100,000 are the hardest; after that it’s a SNAP!” — that should be engraved on my headstone someday. If I have a headstone. I plan on being vaporized by a meteorite while out plein air painting someday.

This was a perfect day to be in a nice, warm studio — we’re in the middle of a rip-roaring blizzard. Howling winds, blowing snow, ice — the whole extravaganza. I was happy to have something bright and colorful to work on. Had to quit when everything was covered in gooey, wet oil paint. And Picasso said it was time for his dinner. To be continued….

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