Why Did I Choose This Tablecloth?

It didn’t take long before I began wondering why the heck I’d chosen this tablecloth!

I don’t know which was worst: the rose petals, the grapes or the tablecloth! All were tedious! But the laundry was all caught up. Dishes were done. Hmmm — yes, there were cobwebs in various spots along the ceiling, but they can wait a while longer. I spent much of the day in the studio, slogging along on this. I don’t know where this tablecloth was designed — India? — there are elephants along the border — which I’m leaving out! But the designer must have been drunk or high — I would hope. My eyeballs were about to fall out.

The winter storm rages still. Zero degrees and blowing snow. Even Picasso, my #1 cat and Studio King, had to be coaxed to come out to the studio.

Prediction is for 6″ more snow today and 40 m.p.h. winds. Good day for painting grapes!

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