Frozen Field

“Frozen Field” — oil on birch panel 8×16″ by Margie Guyot

I painted this on the afternoon before we had the Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse. It was sunny – but super cold! – close to zero degrees. This spot is right along M-88 out of Eastport, right across the street from the end of Church Road. There is a little tractor path that I parked in. Figured I had little chance of blocking any farmers that day.

This spot is about 2 miles (as the crow flies) from Lake Michigan. If I remember my history lessons, there were at least 5 glaciers that crossed over this area, leaving lots of lakes and hills. One of those hills you see in the distance, covered with mostly maple trees. I’m guessing that distant field had been planted with corn. The field just in front most likely had soybeans. Quite often you’ll see deer and flocks of wild turkeys moseying about in them.

It was glorious to have a sunny afternoon to work! Kind of a rarity here. Sunny skies give blue shadows. Otherwise, you just have shade of gray. Blah! I was nearly done when the sky clouded over. Snowflakes fell. I figured we wouldn’t see the Super Wolf Blood Lunar Eclipse that night. Then later – a miracle: clear skies! It was 17 degrees below zero here (according to the Internet) about the time the eclipse was in full swing. I stood outside a couple minutes in my robe and slippers, watching the spectacle. Didn’t hear any wolves howling, though, sadly….

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