Deep Freeze – Mitchell Road

“Deep Freeze – Mitchell Road” — plein air field study on birch panel 8×16″ by Margie Guyot

It was super-cold yesterday, but sunny, so I took off painting in the afternoon. The deal about sunny days is they’re the only days you’ll see the blue shadows. Otherwise everything’s just shades of gray! It’s almost criminal to waste them! I set aside my little cat paintings and headed out.

This is one of my favorite spots to paint. I’ve painted it all times of the day, in every season. This part of Mitchell Road is what they call a “seasonal road”, meaning it isn’t plowed in the winter by the road commission. Drive at your own risk!

The sun was almost setting and it was just at the perfect angle to blind me when I’d glance down at my palette. I was painting from inside the truck (Hell! I’m no fool!) and I wasn’t really all that sure of what colors I was mixing. I knew there was a chance I’d look at this in the morning and scrape it all off! Kind of a miracle it turned out so well.

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