Sunny but Cold

“Edge of the Field” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8×10″ by Margie Guyot

The sun made a rare appearance today and I threw my paints into the truck and moseyed around to find something interesting. I’ve painted this spot before. It’s on Farrell Road, about 100 feet north of M-88, just out of Eastport. There’s a big row of cedars out of view on the right that were casting shadows across this field. I liked the designs of the corn stubble (and weeds!) and the little blips of sunlight that peeked through.

It was pretty chilly — about 10 degrees this morning – and by afternoon it still was a tad nippy to be standing in the snow — in the shade — painting, so I sat inside my nice, warm truck, listening to NPR while I painted. Life is too short to suffer needlessly!

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