Snazzy Shoes

“Snazzy Shoes” — oil on birch panel 9×12″ by Margie Guyot

I ran across this painting while trying to organize the crap in my studio. I’d painted it some years ago at the start of my enthusiasm for wild shoes. Up until that point, 3 pairs of shoes were “plenty enough”: a sensible pair of black, brown and bone would cover any situation. That all went kaflooey the day I saw a pair of orchid suede stiletto heels in a resale shop. Heartbreak: they were half a size too small! That set me on a life-long quest for wild, colorful shoes.

This afternoon I snagged a pair of bright chartreuse Hush Puppies – never worn! – at Goodwill. Surely somebody must have been drunk when they bought them. When they sobered up, they were horrified – and donated them to charity. That’s when folks like me come along and snap them up!

“Yeah, I can imagine they’d look great with purple pants!” the cashier joked. Well, yes — they probably would! As I always say: Life’s too short to wear beige!

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