That’sa Lotta Snow!

that’sa Lotta Snow! — my setup this afternoon.

We had our “first big dump” of the season, beginning last night, on New Year’s Eve. I think we got maybe 7″ of snow here. The first half of the day today I struggled to get used to using my John Deere tractor. There are some tricks to it! At the end of the first run down my driveway I looked like a snowman — all covered in the stuff. That thing was smoking and coughing and threatening to stall. But eventually I figured it out. Driveway is plowed and all is well.

To celebrate the conquering of the John Deere, I traipsed through the snow in back of the studio and set up to paint one of the snow-covered spruces. But finding a good composition sometimes is tough. Chunks of snow would fall off nearby trees and end up on my palette. It’s probably not the finest painting I’ve ever done, but it was FUN! Probably the first 10,000 snow paintings are the hardest. After that I’ll surely be an expert! It helped to be wearing layers of longjohns, snowpants, a heavy-weight down coat, wool socks and Arctic boots.

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