Down at the Creek

“Down at the Creek” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8×10″ by Margie Guyot

A week or so ago we had a break of several sunny days where I painted at nearby Antrim Creek Natural Area. After spending a couple days painting the snowy dunes, I returned and clambered down the hillside to paint a view of the creek. I’m a sucker for painting creeks (or “cricks”, as we called them back in Iowa). I find them fascinating — and pretty hard to pull off!

Yes, this is the same creek I painted during the first blizzard after moving up here. A gust of wind blew my umbrella case blew down the hillside, into the stream. I ain’t going in after ya!

And here’s a photo of one of the big steelhead trout that swims up Antrim Creek to spawn every spring.

Going out painting is always an adventure! It’s so much more exciting to BE out there, smelling things, feeling things, finding all kinds of little surprises. Sitting inside a studio, working from a photo, just doesn’t cut it for me.

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