In Progress: Day 2

Getting back to it — day 2 here….

Some of you may remember I’d started a still life painting over a week ago. Then the sun came out and I took off to go painting over at Antrim Creek Natural Area. Having a sunny day in winter is a rare treat and it’s a shame to waste it, sitting inside. Another reason I was glad to leave the studio was that I’d realized I’d chosen a background fabric that would have driven me MAD to try to paint! Here it is:

Imagine trying to paint this, showing it lying flat and receding!

The storm clouds returned, errands were completed, housework done – and I’d run out of excuses to get back to my still life. Ripped the setup apart. Nailed the wild fabric to the wall in my new sauna room. And selected a nice, gentle background fabric. Everything on the setup is in disarray, but I think I can handle it. Started adding some red carnations. Began painting in the fabulous butterfly lantern. Ah….. there is hope!

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