Almond Joy

“Almond Joy” — oil on canvas 48×60″ by Margie Guyot

A question for you, dear reader: in the event of the End of the World, what would YOU do? If the Martians landed, if the mega-crater at Yellowstone blew, if one of our egotistical/crazed world leaders hit the button one day, what would you do? Would you run to the Mall and steal a TV? Would you pray? Drown yourself in booze or drugs? I know exactly what I’d do: zip down to the corner store and buy (or steal?) a case of Almond Joy. Yes, dear friends, it’d be ix-nay on the ale-kay! 

Listening to the news, we’re constantly reminded of all the current disasters. I felt compelled to do a painting symbolizing just what I’d do when the shit hit the fan. 
Painting is a good form of therapy, they tell us, and I agree. Please know that I remain steadfast in my daily allotment of organic kale. Alas, no Almond Joys.  Painting and kale....

Now I’m hankering to get out and do some plein air winter landscape paintings.

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