Day 1: Worked Like a Dawg…

,,,and the cats slept on my bed all day long. Well, the sun didn’t shine and it was cold. A good day to just work – like a dawg — in the studio. I’d bought a pale yellow moth orchid yesterday and paired it with the white one I had on hand. The fabric is an antique silk piano shawl, heavily embroidered, that came from an estate sale. And I remembered to put some glass in the setup this time. I may or may not invent another spray of orchids going off to the right.

Here’s what I was looking down on. It’s much prettier when the sun is shining.

And here’s how it looked after the first hour (below). My “unit of measure” for this painting was the top of the yellow pitcher on the right. And — one thing I’ve learned is that “objects that stick up” – such as this yellow pitcher – actually appear slightly at an angle. Not at a sharp 90-degree angle from the table. One of those stranger-than-fiction facts.


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