The Miracle of Coffee…

I was almost too tired to paint today. I’d dug up three azaleas that had been in the ground at least 10 years. Realized they were in the wrong place. Enlarged one of the flower beds and removed most of the soil (which was about 99% sand). Replanted the azaleas with lots of sphagnum peat, watered well and replaced the stone border. That pretty much did me in. But by the “miracle of coffee”, I revived enough this afternoon and set up on the Swamp Path to paint this view of one of the white pines. It was a miracle, too, that I didn’t step off the walkway and fall into the swamp!

This time I was supervised by Mr. Wonderful:

Here he is close-up:

I’d always liked this view of that pine. And I had some 8×24″ canvases sitting in the back room. I think it’s a very odd size, but it seemed like just the thing to paint a tall, skinny tree. I may (or may not) touch this up a little bit later on. Too tired to think about it any more today;

“White Pine” — plein air field study in oil on canvas 24 x 8″ by Margie Guyot


  1. white pines; you took couple tree trunks, added some flotsam and jetsam here and there and viola; a marvelous plein aire jim g


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