Brrrrr! Back to the Studio…

We were spoiled by the glorious spring weather last week. One day it was a balmy 84; the next morning we woke up to snow. Snow’s forecast here again for tonight and tomorrow, so that nixes my gardening plans. Painting typically takes a backseat when garden season starts. The white moth orchid was still looking good, so I decided to paint it again. It was a simple choice: housework — or painting. Hah!

Last week I’d had some dental work done and have had to take Tylenol PM to be able to sleep. The bad thing is it’s been giving me nightmares! This morning I woke up extra early (4:30) having dreamt I’d lost all my posessions and money (!) and jumped out of bed, waking the cats (for a change). I thought I’d do a painting with skulls, a devil mask and scary dog figurines — and call it “Devil Dawgs!”. But then no — I thought better of it….


  1. your like a breath of fresh air,, nightmares a 4AM wanting to paint scary pics. On the other hand maybe it would be a change; but everything you do is scrumptious jim gibbons


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