Day 13 Already?

For days I’d been in a quandry. Yes, I’m often in a quandry. The issue this time was about “what time of day is this painting?” Most everything I’d painted had the effect of daylight. But the sky had the look of evening, what with the lanterns and string of lights. Ach! I couldn’t have both kinds of light going! It would certainly drive me bersek! I woke up in the middle of the night — when I get my best ideas — and remembered the colorful Mexican party flags I’d snagged at an estate sale years ago. YES!! I blocked them in and painted over the dark sky. When things are dry — in a couple days — I’ll go back in and put in the cutout designs.

I also added a row of pink zinnias, using a silk one I’d found at a resale shop. Of course there will be bugs and butterflies; maybe even a few “Disney birds”.

And here’s Picasso, on his throne, whacked out on catnip, keeping an eye on me.

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