Day 6: Lotsa Goo!

Most everybody around my neighborhood is snowed in. Even my plow guy couldn’t help — his truck’s on the fritz. So I guess it’s best to just stay home and work on my painting. I added a sting of lights to Thelonoius. Started putting in a little background sky color but didn’t want to go too far with it yet. And his mouth got a little correction.

Then I added another dinosaur. Decided a pair of dueling dinosaurs was just what this painting needed. In reality, that dinosaur is actually a telephone I picked up at a garage sale back in the 70’s. It still works! It roars when it rings.

I made them a bit on the reddish side. Who knows what colors dinosaurs actjally were back then? And last – but not least – I started painting in the “quilt” and the leopard sheets on the bed. Ahhh — let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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