Day 4: Everything Wet….

Today I’d planned on skipping out to go to the movies, but the weather forecast scared me off. 9″ of snow? A FOOT ??? Better to just stay home and try to accomplish things. So I returned to the studio to slug away on this one. That tablecloth is just the Devil. I can do folds all day long, no problem, but the embroidered designs on this one are tough! Yesterday the sun was shining so brightly (for a change) that I couldn’t really see what color I was mixing. I’d put down a very dark brown on the cloth and was horrified to come back this morning and see it was all wrong. So I had to mix up a giant glob of the right color and go over everything again. When it’s dry enough again (in a day or two) I’ll work on the embroidered designs again. And I noticed the green glass bowl (upper right) looks a bit smooshed, too. Doggone elipses! But notice how I’m not moaning about “all those roses! all those leaves!” anymore?

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