Details — and a Sneak Peek….

I didn’t have much time to paint today (errands!) but at last I made myself do something with that little pile of cups and saucers I’d been ignoring (above). Alas, dear friends — the fairies weren’t going to paint it for me (sigh). I splashed some things on and will “clean up the wreckage” tomorrow.

Another area I worked on a little was a pile of bowls. We’ll see how I like them in the morning.

This is how it looks overall today. Hopefully I can pronounce it “done” tomorrow.

OK! And now — for an added bonus — a sneak peek at the makings of another rose still life.

1 Comment

  1. The “little pile of cups and saucers” certainly adds an interesting twist to your glass paining .. and I bet some complexity too!!

    Love how the roses and the hot pink in the cloth complement each other so well in the makings of the new piece.


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