Day 9: Voila! A Leg!

Day 9 here and I kept drawing in my leg and then wiping it out. Finally I took my jeans, long underwear, socks and shoes off and sat in front of the mirror. I should probably tone down the dramatic shading a little. Yes, I do have strong, muscular legs. That’s from nearly 30 years of standing at the job at Ford Motor Company’s Wixom Assembly plant for 10 hours a night. Oh, and endless yardwork, snow shoveling, rock-hauling, etc.

It was cold and rainy all day, so I was happy to sit in a nice, semi-warm studio for a change. I worked on the background a little more and started mushing in cat #2. I might actually finish this painting!

Oh, and get a load of my array of mousetraps. Ravenous beasts. Trying to keep them from ruining my canvases. Mouse-running could almost be a full-time job. I have to tie them with a string to something, or sometimes they tug the trap “far, far away”….

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