Day 7: Let’s Get Wild

There is no posting for Day 6. Monster-winds ripped through this area of NW Michigan, knocking out most everybody’s electricity. Mine’s still out. Before that, my computer wasn’t working. Very mysterious! Today it’s back. Go figure! But I did paint — what else was there to do? — so let’s call this Day 7. What’s new? Hints of Japanes lanterns magically appear in the background. Started coloring in my hair and skin tones a little. Worked on that crazy shirt pattern (and boy, it’s a challenge!). Tomorrow I just might turn that shirt into a dress. Meanwhie, the automatic generator continues howling on, minute by minute, burning through my expensive LP gas. Sigh….

1 Comment

  1. LOVE the shirt!! Hope your power comes back on soon! You are probably like me – my water comes from a well. Losing water is sometimes worse than losing other power. I do not have a generator – and I do not have batteries for my solar panels. When the power goes out, my solar panels are worthless to keep from sending power back to the grid and harming the workers.It is wonderful you have a generator. Thank goodness my power is almost never out – and when it is we get it back quickly.


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