Day 4: Maybe, Maybe Not….

I’m still not quite sure if my eyes are right yet. Might have to re-do. Portrait-painting is still a “new frontier” for me. But you know me: I love a good struggle.

I realized my hand had been blocked in too high. I had to white-out and re-draw, positioning it lower. I wanted my eyes to be looking at the tip of my brush. It’s kind of weird, looking into a mirror, trying to draw my hand. I’m right-handed and I wanted the painting to show I was right-handed, but for drawing purposes, I had to hold a brush with my left hand to look into the mirror. Kind of strange. No wonder I’ve been having very strange dreams at night….


    1. Not particularly for a show, but I found this plant very interesting. And also a good chance to practice on portrait painting. And, as I always say: I’m sure someday they’ll be fighting over this!


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