Two Roads and an Experiment

“Shooks Road, North of Bennett Hill Rd” — plein air field study on board 8×10″ in oil by Margie Guyot

Of course you know I love painting roads. Especially the shady ones! This was the first painting I did today, over on Shooks Road, just north of Bennett Hill Road in Antrim County. Here’s my setup (below):

From there I drove a little further north, to the same spot I’d painted the other day: a big goldenrod field. Thankfully, I could stand in the shade again. It was 86 degrees here today and I’m such a weenie! The big field paintings of landscape artist Clyde Aspevig just amaze me. He can paint a giant field of nothing but weeds and make it look absolutely gorgeous! So this was an experiment. “Never be afraid to experiment!” Clyde told us. Well, as I usually say. the first 10,000 are the hardest; after that it’s a snap!

“Goldenrod Field” — plein air field study on wood panel in oil, 8 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

Below is my setup:

After taking a taco break at Providence Farm, I headed over to another favorite road: Maple Hill. It’s a seasonal road (not plowed in the winter; rife with potholes). Not for the faint of heart; it has steep dips and hills, rather like a roller coaster ride. One of my friends is 92; sometimes I’ll take her on a wild ride up and down the seasonal roads in my truck. She screams and laughs and loves it. The highlight of her summer. Anyway, this is another favorite spot to paint.

“Maple Hill Road – Early September” — plein air field study on board in oil – 8×10″ by Margie Guyot

Here’s the setup:


  1. My favorite is number 3. Love the shadows and the colors.
    You said you are doing an experiment – but you never told us what you were experimenting with, nor the outcome. Inquiring minds want to know.


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